Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Everything is coming up Carrot Top

Hey Kids,

You are not gonna believe this. After we left the airport in Minnesota, yikes, we were detoured to Vegas. Well I guess if you're gonna be detoured vegas is the place.Berna and I got a room at Luxor on American Airlines of course.

I quickly left a message for Wayne to see if we could do dinner but Mr. Newton had back to back shows so Berna and I headed for the Buffet. I ate like a quen for 7.99, gotta love vegas. It was early and I'm not much of a gambler so berna and I headed for the bar and kicked back a few spritzers and pondered our next move. Then all of a sudden we were approached by my old friend carrot top, I screamed and Berna started to lunge at him. I quickly apologized but i explained i thought it was Ronald mcDonald coming at me. Carrot said " No problems Marge, I get that all the time" he also said he is sometimes mistaken for Sharon Gless sporting her "Queer as FolK" wig. I can see that as well.

Carrot whisked us off to his show and we had front row seats. It was well what should i say interesting. I am not sure the route Carrot has taken with his comedy is the right one not to mention his riddler plastic surgery. I warned him the knife can be addicting and honey he is addicted. The evening took a wild turn when he asked for Berna's panties as part of his act, very scary... Luckily she had on that special pair i had made for her.... skid proof and all.....

I must say Carrot still has that special something, I'm not sure what it is but he has something...... If you get a chance check out carrot's act, he is much better than Gallagher and if he has the guts to touch Berna's panties than it's worth a few bucks....

After Carrot we headed off to the Ranch for a few cocktails and some chat wit the girls..... That's all I'll say about that but we had a knockers of fun!!!!

Kids I'll talk to ya when we are back in NY.... This trip to Alaska has turned into a criss cross journey of fun!!!

Kisses Kids


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