Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kids, I'm working on a show

Hey Kids,

Guess what! I'm working on a show, a live one. I have written it, gotten the costumes now Berna, my wardrobe mistress, is spanning the globe for venue's. It's very exciting to work on something new, it makes me wet!! I think it is going to be bigger than Elaine Stritch's "At Liberty". Well at least I'll be a bit drunker....

I know you are getting wet as well and that really makes me hot! Oh, I'm sorry, I'm getting a bit sexual. It's because I saw that new show on BBC America Mile High last night and all of those men are just so damn sexy. Why can't I be on that plane, a very captive audience it would be for me.

I have been trying to get my Agent Shecky to get me a role on Lost or Desperate Housewives and I almost scored on the latter but they opted for that Damn Linda Dano. Look I love Linda but this is strictly a sympathy casting due to the fact that she went over the edge after her husband died. I really do wish Linda all the best and really me playing a mother is a stretch, I'm in my 50's but still look like 37. It's all that cod liver oil my mother cooked with... Please my mother is 88 and looks 58 but she is tucked away at the Fish Mongers retirement home in Anchorage Alaska. That reminds me I have to send her a can of Salmon for Thanksgiving.

Oh Dear, I've gotten off track. My show, yes, I am going to be singing and dancing and telling funny stories about my fabulous past, present and future. There will be fabulous guests to help me out like my darling TV show director Jeff catlow and my darling Jessie on Piano. I can't wait and I will keep you updated on the upcoming dates!!!

Kisses MargOH!

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