Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Gods Love we deliver

Hey Kids,

I hate to say it but MargOH!'s old bones are sore today. I ran a 5k on Sunday "Race to deliver" which is a fundraiser for a great charity "God's love we deliver". They supply meals to people who are stricken with HIV and aids and others in need.

Today I am in need of a rub down after that run. Charity can be painful as much as rewarding when you are as out of shape as I am. The pole dancing lessons really did not go as well as I had hoped, mainly I got pole burn in the thigh area. Not that I will stop going because I am determined to give Shelley Winters a run for her Pole Money. She was absolutely born to Pole dance, it actually makes the rest of us Dizzy to watch her rotate on the pole, amazing!!!

Anyway, back to the race. It was a gorgeous day in central park. Berna and I got up early to prepare by having a glass of 3 raw eggs, a la "Rocky" with a chaser of "Mumms". It was rough but we managed to choke it down and hopped a cab to 72nd street where we were greeted by Matthew Modine. He was surprised to see me but fondly remembered when we worked together on "Vision Quest" ages ago. I can't even remember what role I had in it but I remember giving Matthew oral support when he was having problems remembering his lines.. Oh dear I meant Moral support I think, mmm he's a cutie anyway. He brought us to the starting line where Berna and I started our warm up by drinking a fab new Cider toddy I made.

The gun went off and so were we. Berna kept up for about 5 minutes but crumbled under the pressure, I can't wait till she gets that gastric bypass so she can be more fit or at least fit into something different than a Kaftan and sweats. I on the other hand kept up with the pack for at least 10 minutes into my 80 minute run. I thought that was great but some bitch told me that the winners run more like a 4.5 minute mile, yikes I guess I suck and Matthew agreed, he only took 30 minutes. I reminded him that he was much faster when it came to other things so he should back off. I waited until 4:30 for berna but there was still no sign of her, mind you the race started at 10 sharp. She eventually made it home at around 8.

God Bless that Berna, all 380 pounds of her and God Bless "God's Love we deliver" for the good work they do....

Kisses, MargOH!

PS. I'm off to visit my mother Sully at the Fishmonger's retirement home in Alaska. I decided to see her on thanksgiving and bail on Christmas this year. The prices of canned salmon are outrageous this year so she is gonna have to settle for Sardines.

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