Monday, November 14, 2005

I want my Harry Potter

Hey Kids,

It was a hot weekend in old NYC. I went to the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire premiere and the movie is just fantastic.

You see I was planning on going with my next door neighbor dame Shirley bassey who was in town.

Well come to find out she is good friends with Daniel Radcliffe's mother Trudy and they were stopping by to chat with the dame before heading out to the gala. I went next door and Shirley was waiting in full Diva regalia, a full sequin gown for a movie premiere is a bit much and made me feel a bit underdressed in my goucho/poncho ensemble but that is dame Shirley, full of piss and vinegar.

She explained to me that Daniel and Trudy were coming over and I was thrilled since I had never met the actor that plays the darling little Harry Character, just so cute but I never was able to infiltrate, oh I mean visit the stars trailers. You may not know this but I played ragged Lady # 458 in the first film and muggle # 85 in the second. They were all group scene's but I got my 500 bucks a day, thank you JK!!!

Shirley and I were well into our third bottle of champagne when they arrived and we hit it off wonderfully. I was shocked however to see that poor Daniel was stricken with acne and I could tell he was a bit self conscious about it.

Shirley also was conscious or should I say unconscious and sloppy drunk so we had to get her out of her gown and into her jammies. I can't tell you how many times Shirley and I make plans but never leave her apartment for various reasons, some I can't talk about!!!!

Daniel was a dear about the whole thing so I offered to help him cover up some of those blemishes and he was more than willing. I sat him at Shirley's make -up table and started putting on his face. He loved it and it made him feel wonderful, so wonderful that he slipped into Shirley's sequin gown and flew into a fabulous rendition of "Big spender" for his mom and I, we cheered like mad. However, I think I may have went to heavy on the rouge!!!!

Kisses Kids and go see the movie, it was fun, fun, fun


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