Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hubba, Hubba Hulaween

Hey Kids,

last night I hit the town with Berna and my other gang of ghouls including my fab new friend, fellow Celiac and piano player Jessie. She is actually the illegitimate daughter of Liberace and can really tickle those ivories much like her father. We were also accompanied by my new gal pal and designer Sue Wong and of course my super Glenda who said she was in a female bear costume but honestly she just forgot to shave.

First we headed out to the parade but the masses of freaks was just too much so we decided to take up Bette's that's Bette Midler's personal invite to her annual Hulaween Gala at The Waldorf. Luckily Glenda had to go back to the building due to a hair raising back up in Shirley Bassey's Tub. I like Glenda but taking her to a Gala is just not in anyone's best interest, on the other hand she does bare a striking resemblance to Bruce Vilanch and they let him out in public. Anyway, the party was very Bette and many stars were on hand. My darling friend Eartha Kitt was there and looking fabulous, she said she started using "Signature Club A" from QVC and it's turned back the clock for her again, that woman looks fabulous... When will she get her one woman show on Broadway.....Hopefully soon. Chevy Chase was there and of course he was all hands as usual, he is such a perv. Mimi was there (that's Mariah Carey) and she lambasted me for my "Shaking if off" blog but after all was said and done we made up over the shrimp cocktail bowl and she promised to stay dry for a while. Martha was there obviously in disguise due to her failed version of the "Apprentice" but I'm not quite sure what in the hell she was "Jessica simpson with a monkey". That scarey John Lithgow was there playing a poor man's Andy Warhol, he scares me.

Well after hanging with Bette we decided to grab Yoko and go down the LES Haunted House. It was suppose to be very scarey and Yoko said she needed to be frightened to get some inspiration for her upcoming studio album. I was frightened to hear she was in the studio, not again.

We hopped the 6 train at Grand central and made our way top the fright fest. It was filled with great anticipation that Yoko and I had to have 6 Margarita's while we were waiting in Line(think I found a new drinkin partner).

Well kids I'm sad to announce that the haunted house was not scary at all. In fact it sucked. Jessie, Yoko and I were glued to eachother and were getting very close but after a few seconds we realized it was more like a bad David Lynch Film and relaxed. I much go for people jumping out at you with spooky costumes. Not a girl pulling out her teeth with a wrench, please I could that. It made me mad that I spent 20 bucks on an unfrightful fright fest and all the while could have just had 4 more margarita's and had Glenda jump out of my Closet....

Well all in all it was a Hubba, Hubba Halloween and it was fun dishing it up with Yoko again, she should get out more...

Kisses, MargoH!

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