Monday, August 16, 2004

Wild weekend with Margaret cont'd

Hi Kid's

It's a cold and rainy Monday in August here in NYC. It must be the Republican National Convention looming around the corner bringing all the gloom and doom. I need sun and fun.... I swear I am going to move to California...

Well, after our big night seeing "Let's put on a Show" starring Jan and Mickey Rooney, Margaret and I headed over to XL to get a stiffener and decide what to do with the rest of our evening. When we got there we were rushed by Amanda Lepore and Richie Rich and being rushed by those two is not a pretty sight, poor Margaret almost lost her sashimi roll from earlier in the evening. I of course ordered a tonic water, yeah right, and was bored by my John Blair experience... Margaret was busy signing men's asses, how boring, before I grabbed her and left poor Amanda at a loss for anything to say, how odd???

We moved on to The Roxy where we were greeted with as much love as Margaret got from the HRC. I swear we did not even get a glance for at least 3 minutes. I think it's because Margaret has lost so much weight that she looks like Kristi Yamaguchi now so who would care. Finally we were corned, I mean cornered by a Chelsea boy named B-boy and he sweat all over my new Poncho, I was pissed.... But he offered to buy me a Sake-hop, that's a vodka and Sake martini, mmm it was delicious, 3 days and still no Gin, I'm so proud of myself. Up to the booth to shake my booty with my favorite DJ Peter Rauhauffer or whom I like to call Roxyhauffer, he's so hot!!!! Margaret was a bit angry with me since we are both suppose to be on the wagon but I ordered a bottle of Mums and drank shots of champers out of Peter's belly button. The music was hot and the dance floor was steaming which probably accounted for the rank odor that the place has. We left the booth and headed over to talk to Margaret's pal Joey and It turned out to be that doll Joey Lawrence. I did a guest spot on the TV show Blossom years ago and had not seen him since. We talked for what seemed hours as we rehashed the significance of Blossom Russo aka Myim Bialik and he let me in on the secret that she was a swinger and had a dominatrix business geared towards former fans of the show. It was now well into the morning and on our way out I ran into Berna who was flagging down a cab with Kelly Rowland of destiny's Child. Before I could say anything they were off. Now I have to wonder why I can't get any guests on my show when my assistant is running around with the likes of Kelly. I turned to Margaret and said thank god you are shooting the segment for my show tomorrow or I would have do another re-run. Margaret's face fell a bit and she started to mumble something and I asked her what she was saying. She got a bit louder and informed me that she had to leave on a 6 am flight and could not do the show.

I do not know what came over me but I just bitch slapped her and ran off down the street and I snapped the heel right off my mule and fell to the ground. Margaret picked me up and apologized for the mix up and explained that she would come back and tape it when she was doing her show at the Apollo. I regained my composure and informed her she owed me $500 bucks for my mule and she rummaged through her purse and gave me $1000. The next thing I remember was waking up on the set of my show with the bottle of mums clutched to my breast and Neils phone number at the Waldorf in my other hand with a note saying that I was still the best blow in the business, how sweet.

Well kids till next time



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