Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Red eye to see Lizamay

Hi Kids,

I can't go any further in my discussion about my weekend with Margaret Cho other than to say it was a blast.

When I woke early Sunday morning I wiped the .... From my eye and hopped in the shower and realized I had a bruise on my thigh the size of an eggplant so I quickly grabbed some cover all and through on my Sunday best. It was a new black satin top with matching panties and a pair of sequin pants with a flare.... The phone rang and Berna picked it up so I continued to make myself pretty. Berna yelled in that "Pappy" that's Bill Lavorgna asked if I wanted to come out and see Liza May in San Diego with him. I said why yes "Pappy". The next thing I knew I was on Jet Blue on the 11:50 arriving at 2:50. Trembling with the notion that they did not offer Sake and that was confirmed by my attendant Jake I broke down and had a rum/coke, yuk and the tuna sandwich Berna threw together. I love Jet Blue because I can watch "The Munsters" I just loved that Yvonne DeCarlo, what a peach..

We landed and "Pappy" greeted me with open arms and he told me that he had to rush over to the show because Liza asked him to play drums at the last minute and that she had an idea to add a song to the playlist. Oh! What fun, I hadn't seen little Liza since the time I met her at Elaines for a cocktail, oops I mean coke. She was telling me all about Arrested Development and how happy she was besides the lawsuits from her ex. I am sure she is going to be thrilled to see me again!!!

Oops, I have to go Berna and I are going to see Dracula the musical. I hope it is better than Dance of the Vampires, where's Ms. Rice when you need her.

Ciao, MargOH!

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