Sunday, August 15, 2004

MargOH!'s weekend with Margaret

Hi Kids,

I am so glad to be back in the city. As you know I went for Sushi with Margaret Cho, we went to Yo Sushi, Its fab. After we chatted about my stay at the spa we ran over to Jimmy's Gramercy flat, Margaret forgot her tube top and couldn't bare the notion that Mr. Fallon would sell this story to "The Star" magazine, can you see it know... Margaret Cho forgets her Tube top in hot sex act with Jimmy Fallon, yeah.... Someone told me he was considered for the comic relief for "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" but they decided to go for the bird like look of Carsen Kressley. Thankfully Jimmy was out so she scooched on her tube top and we ran out the door.

Margaret said she needed a pedicure from Cleo II but after looking at my watch I barked that we were almost late for the show. We had front row tickets for "Let's put on a Show" starring Jan and Mickey Rooney. We hopped in a cab and of course were almost knocked out by the smell of BO so I dragged out my Red Door and sprayed all over, yuk. After holding my breath for too long I looked like a blowfish and Margaret had been shat on by two pigeons from sticking her head out the window. We stumbled out of the car and rushed into the VIP holding room and to my thrill right into my old flame Neil Sedaka, he's doing a concert for the upcoming Jewish festival . I had read that he was going to be in town and really did want to see him. He looked a bit uncomfortable but we said a cordial hello and went our separate ways. Margaret was in a hot conversation with Jan's sister Mo and she told us that Jan has injured her foot in the show the night before when she was doing a step ball change with Micks and they may have to cut out some of the dancing. It was curtain time and we took our seats and I sat right next to Robin Byrd. She told me that her and Mickey were great friends and she was given the tickets, mmm I bet she got free tickets, everyone knows Mickey is a diehard Byrd watcher and I am sure that's not all.
The show was OK. Mickey was holding his own but after catching Neil's eye at the end of the row he gave a gentle wave and I was up in an instant and to the holding room. Neil followed me in and we held eachother and then he cupped my breast with both hands and popped my nipple out and licked it so I fell back into the closet as Mickey was singing " How lucky can you get". I fixed myself and straightened my long line and headed back down the aisle just in time to see Jan do her tribute to Patsy Cline. After it was over I thought to myself I wonder if Patsy herself would have liked the tribute and unfortunately my thoughts were no. Jan and Micks gave it a try but I think I had a better time in the closet. I was feeling a little guilty when Margaret asked me what was in my hair.... All I could say was a residue from my protein conditioning rinse. She looked at me like I was a slut and walked towards the exit.

Well kids, I'm gonna have to tell you about the rest of my wild weekend with Margaret but I need to shoot a segment for my show.....

I'll be back



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