Thursday, August 26, 2004

Everyone's Howling

Hi Kids,

After my time at the spa (the wheat and oatmeal bath was fabulous!) for some reason I'm getting itchy. I don't know why! I've had strange rashes before but usually on my thighs. Oi! Well I guess I’ll keep an eye on that.

I got back just in time for the 2nd Annual HOWL Festival that celebrates and continues to revive the arts scene in the LES (Lower East Side to those not in the know).

You see the Lower East Side is famous for those living the bohemian lifestyle as well as promoting art and culture, amongst other things. Myself, I was always more of an uptown girl (with a bad side, of course) but as I have gotten older I seem to have embraced my bad side full on and love everything a little edgy and fun, this is one of the reasons I haven't been returning Kathie Lee Gifford's phone calls. She 's so out of the loop, poor dear.

Talk about out of the loop! When I arrived back at home I found Berna playing cards and smoking cigars with the likes of notorious chanteuse and glamour gal (yeah, RIGHT!) Pixie Plains.

You must remember Pixie from my Halloween episode where she and Berna ruined my interview with Danny Devito and made me think I had killed him. Sick joke if you ask me, but it really boosted my ratings and I finished second to "The Simpson’s" that night.

I could tell that they were up to no good. I inquired what they had been getting up to but they wouldn't fess up. I know that Pixie is bad news so I'll have to wait to see what happens.

I couldn’t stand the stench in there so I headed over to the Pioneer movie theatre to catch a flick that featured the work of one of my favorite people and favorite artists in the whole world, Penny Arcade.

It was a documentary comprised of her work shown on the weekly show featured on MNN called "The Lower East Side Biography Project" that focuses on the great artists and unique individuals that have lived and given a great deal to the arts, culture and people of the neighborhood, past and present.

It was a wonderful film and I cannot say enough about how important this work is and how it is a living history of some great people whom might not get the attention they deserve in the future and that would be very sad indeed. I hope Penny realizes what a wonderful thing it is she and her collaborators have done and should be extremely proud. Please do yourself a favor and watch the LES biography series shown on Wednesdays at 11PM on channel 34/107 with MNN.

I had the pleasure of catching up with little Pen and she looks just fabulous! My love is always very sweet and gracious, I just adore her. Her sexy husband Chris isn’t too bad either. Rowrrrrr…

On that note I have to go because Berna needs a cupcake so we are heading over to Billy's Bakery (that disgusting Pixie is STILL here…she just moaned something about Billy can frost her cupcake any day…she’s a pig!).

I'll finish up on my HOWL update when I return.



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  1. Oh dear, MargOH, please accept my sincere apologies for the cigar ash on your...what was it? A thong? Or was that a sumo wrestling costume? Gosh you are terribly cosmopolitan in your pursuits, aren't you, dear?

    SO wonderful seeing you again. I'm sure we'll chat again VERY soon. Kiss, kiss.