Thursday, May 25, 2006

When I'm Searched Top 5

Hey Kids,

Since Berna's been tracking my blog she has come to the conclusion that most that read my blog are perverts, drunks and gays. This little hobby of Berna's keeps her occupied all hours of the day.. no wonder I had to step over my pooch Kim Fungs crap in the hall yesterday. Berna is so lazy.

Anyway Berna has come up with the top 5 list of what people search for... then find
Margarita's, Mojito's and Martini's... My life story

1. Thongs (I much prefer them as a slingshot so I can pelt Berna with peanuts)
2. Mojito's (My favorite Drink)
3. Nellie McKay (My darling Nellie)
4. Glenda the Super (Now this one baffles me)
5. Old Drunk (They must be looking for Dame Edna)

And last but not least I have a hit just today by "The Melbourne City Council".

The last time I saw Dame Edna Everage she said she was going to recommend me for the city council. I had no idea what she was talking about. Talk about an old Drunk!!


  1. I gay, drunk and a pervert - I guess I qualify.

  2. danny darling,

    This is why I love you darling.

    Kisses, MargOH!

    ps- You must remind me about your podcasts so i can leave comments doll

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