Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Tinkling for Me

Hey Kids,

Now I am not getting into water sports... you all have filthy minds...

I actually have a new Piano player for my upcoming show. I know, I know, "The Show"
it seems it's all I talk about and do lately.... It's just that when MargOH! does something she throws her whole body into it.. If i'm drinking a Martini I have to look perfect drinking it. If i get hired to do an extra role i make sure I am seen and annoy everyone... I am a pro and this show is important to little old MargOH!...
So bite it!!!!!... LOL Just kidding

Anyway my original Piano gal Jessie was called away on a covert secret operation having to do with global warming... mmmmm I wonder if she may be warming up to Al Gore... Anyway my darling Jessie had to drop out so I had to find a replacement which is hard to do because she is wonderful.

Berna and I held auditions and we fell right into a trance with our Choice Jarad Astin. He is a Hep Kat kind of guy with a blues and Jazz style. I like him!!!

He's not bad on the eyes if ya know what I mean!!!!

I am very excited to have him on board and he has already bonded with berna. i won't go into any more detail on that... I do think he lends a bit of Edge to my show and latley I'm feeling Edgy.....

I put a little link so you can check out Jarad's CueZone records.

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Pixie Plains6:47 AM

    And why was I not invited to perform in this little song and dance thingy???? You have that hack director Catlow "singing". WHY NOT ME???????? It's MY moment!!!!! Damn you, MargOH! Channing!!!!!!!

  2. Listen Plains,

    If I needed your sound for my show I'd strangle a couple of Cats on stage.

    Mr. Catlow has a contract to that similar to the one Mel Torme had on "The Judy Garland Show". Meaning I have to let him sing in my shows for at least 5 appearances. he did one on the TV show and now once for the live show. I am obligated , I mean thrilled to have him.

    Maybe when you stop wearing super slimmy low rise jeans and exposing that mid-drif we can talk

    My show is a class act!!!

    Kisses, margOH!

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