Monday, May 22, 2006

Show promo

Hey Kids,

Working on my show Promo. Berna threw this one together and I think it's edgy.

Edgy for a 58 year old gal... Yes, I turned 58... I'm sick over it but ya know I look damn good for 58.. My tits are still firmly sagging... I only have had to have minor cosmetic procedures... No Joan Rivers moments for me yet... I still do my heavy lifting..... Martini Glasses are heavy these days ya know...and I still am quite active in every sense of the word...

I met this lovely 20 something on Saturday on my way to the bathroom at my birthday dinner and we had a little encounter over the sink, just lovely... well anyway i'm getting off track.

Here's the Promo...Berna's gotta work on the font, its a bit small...

And she can't spell, the poor dear but her gastric bypass makes her a little dizzy sometimes due to the lack of protein. I'm constantly having to prop her up against the shelves at Trader Joes wine shop

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Darling I love it, my regards to Berna! Sounds like a wonderful show, I wish I could be there :D

    You're fabulous for 58, or any age for that matter. Sounds like you had a very good birthday ;)

  2. Nathan darling,

    Thank you love.

    I wish you could come out, well you've already done that you horny little bugger.

    I should say come visit Auntie MargoH! and see the show. I will be recording it so I will share it with you that way.

    Yes, the little 20 something made MargOH! feel very well on her birthday!!! You never know when bathroom sex is around the corner!!

    Kisses, The Big M

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