Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tatum and me

Hey Kids,

I attended the "Gypsy of Chelsea" premiere hosted by Angelica Houston at Studio 54. Luckily, I ran into Tatum O'Neal McEnroe O'Neal at Jagged nails on 38th Street and she asked me to go with her. Tatum is so cute and still calls me Auntie MargOH!, I was in the film "Bad News Bears" and sometime gal pal of Walter Matthau, he was hung like a bear let me tell you. Anyway, tatum always called me even when she was having her troubles with drugs. I always told her "tatum stick with the weed and never inject yourself with anything other than collagen"(at the time mind you Botox wasn't available). Unfortunately she didn't listen and dabbed into everything but she is doing just fine now and looks absolutely gorgeous.

We had a grand time though the one woman show was a little hard for tatum to get through being it is about a girls vision of what her mother was like as a cocaine addict. It was a wonderful piece and I was happy I went with Tatum to help her through those rough moments. I hope she didn't notice I slipped a bit of Apricot Brandy in her Ginger ale.... (though when we got back to her apartment she danced around the room with her Oscar laughing like mad). A no no by AA Standards but a Staple for Miss MargOH!'s guide to letting loose. After she danced she told me she was going to be on "Dancing with the Stars". Everything is looking up for Tatum and I'm glad!!!!

It was a wonderful evening and Tatum has promised to keep in touch. I'm so happy that another one of Auntie MargOH!'s girls made it through her troubles. Now if I could just get through to Whitney, life would be grand......


  1. Pixie Plains8:54 AM

    Don't think I'm not around just because you haven't heard from me in a while.

    I'm working on a comeback (after a rough patch called "Dusty" swept in to town. She's NOT really dead! I feel like my life is a page out of the Sammi Brady biography). Watch out for me, Channing.

    And tell Rita to do the same...and don't even get me started on Berna or GG...bitches.

  2. Listen Pixie I don't need any of your hostility in my life.

    I'm telling Berna as I write this to buy an extra deadbolt for the door so don't even try to come to my place.

    Argh, I though I was rid of you Pixie Plains

  3. Pixie Plains7:43 PM

    I don't think so.

    Just try and get rid of me.

    Just try, MargOH Channing...