Monday, December 19, 2005

Party, Party, Party, Botox

Hey Kids,

I have been so busy going to Holiday soirees that I have slipped on my posts.

Now I must tell you that I went to a party at Polly Holiday's apartment this weekend and it was Fabulous. Polly played Flo on the sitcom "Alice" and had a spin-off called "Flo". Since then Polly has continued to work and is just a very kind and wonderful woman.

When I arrived I could not believe it, it was like an 80's sitcom reunion. The guest list included Linda Lavin, Beth Howland and many others from the show Alice but to my surprise there was many others including Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges. Charlotte Ray was doing jello shots with Danny Pintauro, she's a wild one. Of course I spent the night talking with Gary Coleman and he chewed my ear off about how he was planning a lawsuit against the producers of "Ave Q". He said he at least deserves the right to play himself. I did explain to him though that he would be playing a woman playing himself so it might give the wrong impression. The whole conversation became very confusing that I bailed into the bathroom. I had to kick Lisa Welchel out of the toilet because she started preaching to me and trying to give me Home schooling brochures, very annoying she is.. She obviously didn't learn manners from her stint on "Facts of Life".

After all of this turmoil I looked in the mirror and noticed I had my first worry lines on my forehead, actually not bad for a 57 year old but I quickly adjusted my bangs and called Shirley bassey knowing she has a long list of Plastic surgeons on her speed dial. Shirley recommended a Dr. for Botox and I made an appointment.

I woke up early the next morning and feeling very puffy. It was most likely from the Lay's potato chips and sour cream and onion dip from Polly's party. Polly is a dear but her food spread was very generic and trailer park.. maybe Flo is floating around in her head all the time. Any way I got to the doctors office that was on a small street in Chinatown. I thought it odd that there was a password I had to say before they let me in but for 75 bucks it was worth it. I had my injections and now can worry all I want with no lines, it's very exciting. I do have some odd red spots all over my face but the doctor said it may go away. I hope so or that Shirley Bassey is gonna get it. I'll keep you updated.




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