Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Holiday Update

Hey Kids,

Just got back from a fabulous time in Vermont. The chalet was just lovely though it wasn't opened for the season yet, it had no heat or hot water. We made the best of it and Berna gathered wood for the fireplace and boiled water for my bathing.

Berna gave me the DVD box set of "Wonder Woman". It was thoughtful and wonderful to see myself again. I played Greek goddess # 6 in a couple of the episodes. Though you can barely see me because of Lynda Carter's boobs, she was such a camera hog that one. I gave Berna the gift of Love for the holiday and she really appreciated it. That is a step up from last year when I gave her a hickory farms sausage.

We also ran over to Ben & Jerry's on Xmas eve and they were just wonderful but they both need a shave. I had hair running all through my egg nog. Luckily i brought a flask of rum to add, it was weak with the booze. They had Berna Churning that Ice cream crank like crazy because Cameran Manheim and Marissa Jaret Winokur were the guests of honor and can those to shove down the rocky road. It was gross really but who am I to judge.....

Well if I thought that was bad, it got worse when we got back home. I found my mother Sully sitting in the hallway waiting for me to arrive. She had been told that the "Fishmongers Retirement home" was being demolished to make way for the oil drilling in Alaska.

She didn't realize that I had contacted my Baby Teddy kennedy and he pulled some strings and the drilling was blocked by Carl Levin and some other senators. So for now the home is safe. Thank goodness because Sully can be a handful and I just couldn't handle looking after her with my busy schedule. I immediatly called amtrak to get her on the next train out but she insisted on hopping the freight train again. Well you can't tell that woman anything so I stocked her up with cans of Tuna and a loaf of bread and she was on her way.

Thanks Teddy baby. I really dodged a bullet on this one.

I'll be back with more updates!!!

Kisses Kids,


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