Thursday, December 08, 2005

2005's Most Annoying Gays

Hey Kids,

I've been pondering my lists and of course checking them twice...

You all know that I am a friend of the Gays. I love them! I've even danced under the sheets with a few of them in my day. Lately though the Media has been pushing the same Gay and Lesbian's in my face this year. They make it seem that there are only 10 Gay's that can make us happy. They are dead wrong!!!

I have now decided to compile my list of the 5 most Annoying gays of the Year.

My # 5 Most Annoying Gay is this person called ANT. I am not sure exactly who he is but he is popping up everywhere. He is on virtually every show on VH1 including the dreadful "Celebrity Fit Club". They even tried to butch him up this year and that failed miserably. If anyone know's who and what has made ANT a player for anything else but being gay please let me know. I am sure ANT is a lovely gay but I don't want to see him crowing all the damn time

MY # 4 Most Annoying Gay is Judy Gold. Judy has been around for years doing writing, comedy, and guest spots on such sitcom's as "All American Girl" and "Roseanne". Lately though she is called upon to give commentary on everything from what dance Ellen will do next to contemplating what Tampon Ellen is using and everything in between and everything in between ain't much!! Isn't there any other Lesbian comics that have something to say.... Guess Not

My # 3 Most Annoying Gay's are "The Fab Five". It is straight and simple with this gang of gays.... Over exposed is the only phrase I can think of to describe them. It is just all too much and who in the hell cares what they have to say any more. It's all been done before........Christopher Lowell is all 5 wrapped in one , Hello people!!!

My # 2 Most Annoying Gay is Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. Now I know what you are thinking, please if Matthew hasn't sucked on something more than a lolipop then I will eat..... well anyway.... This team has been in our faces for far too long and we still have the producers movie to deal with. Can't we find another gay couple to act in every broadway show calling for a slapstick duo . Oh yeah Harvey and Rosie..They'll be on the list next year.....

My # 1 Most Annoying Gay is actually annoying for acting like she is not gay to keep her mid-western suburban fan base happy...... It is Ellen . Now you all know that I consulted with Ellen for years and was on her payroll via her Mom Betty. To my suprise earlier this year I was let go for being too gay friendly. I heard she is now taking advice from Mary Cheney, daughter of Dick. I mean really she went from comin all the way out on TV to Running back in and slamming the door shut. She has turned down and shyed away from having Gay people on her morning show, even poor Ru Paul was scorned. She's actually taken the fun out of being Gay..... Shame on you Ellen!!!!

Kisses Kids,

I'll be working on my next list


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  1. Hey MargOH!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and posting that wonderful comment. Carrying a flask on a chain is a great idea. Now I can get drunk AND knock out people in the aisles. I love it.

    That is too bad about Ellen. She is my hero.

    Enjoy your holidays honey and stop by anytime.