Friday, July 25, 2008

The Plane, The Plane

Hey Kids,

The film shoot is running over...I'm still in Barcelona, not that I'm complaining, it's lovely.

I have a little time to tell you about my plane ride over...I joined the mile high club....I know, I know....I'm sure you all would think I'd done that before but I actually hadn't....

Of course I was flown over first class but thankfully Berna was in coach so I had time to relax and have a few drinkies..Well i sat across from a lovely named Bianca "Ra Ra" Benitez. She is actually a Spanish wrestler but she is a little person. i guess she had been over doing a stint for the wwf or something. She is very sexy and kind of looks like Penelope Cruz but with a large head and little legs...She also had a huge rack on her...implants i suspect..

Anyway, she was hot to trot for me as soon as I sat down. She was a bit aggressive and started demanding that the steward get me a drink right away...then she leaned over and said, "I wanna get you drunk toots" and smiled... I said " I already am" and smiled.

Bianca then leaned in and said "I know who you are". I said " I doubt it" and took off my sunglasses. she replied in a sexy Spanish accent "No, I know, you're Alaina Capri". I couldn't believe one had said that to me in years, I was a bit shocked, my years as a Russ Meyer girl are just distant memories and I rarely think of it.

Russ and I had made a pact after he let me go that we'd never speak again, he made up a fake story about my life and I started out fresh, with a clean slate..Alaina never to be heard of again. Alaina is just folk lore to me really. It wasn't until after his death in 2004 that I let it out of the bag again.

I responded "Well Bianca, you must like the movies to know's been years since anyone recognized me as Alaina". Bianca, replied "No, I like tits and you have the best in the business" I laughed and responded " Not anymore darling, I had a reduction, that's why Russ canned me, I threw out my back, I had no choice", then she pressed her hand to my lips and with her other hand cupped my breast, and said "Sure feels good to me"....Then she yelled to the steward.."where's the ladies drink, she's a legend".

Then we took off in more than one way...she grabbed my hand and rushed me into the bathroom and proceeded to do things I'd never even imagined. I won't go into too much detail but lets just say she had the biggest tongue I'd ever seen and boy could she use it...She really made this legend quiver....yawza!

Oh, gotta run Bianca and I are going out dancing tonight, she is bringing her friend to keep Berna occupied. I may try it again, you know lady love....Bianca is so cute and I like the way she treats the star that I am. I sometimes forget how a legend should be treated and rarely expect special treatment but for once I feel the time is right, the film, embracing my inner Alaina and having an adoring little person after me is just so hot....

Kisses, MargOH!

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