Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Aunt Trudie is Alive?

Hey Kids,

It has been confirmed by my mother Sully (who just arrived from Kentucky to hopefully talk my Aunt Fawn to move back to Minnesota, god I've got a lotta aunts), that the woman in the picture basking in the sun and touching up her lipstick on the french riviera is my Aunt Trudie presumed dead in 1968 by drowning in the east river...

I found this picture by accident on the photo site flickr. I was stunned when it popped up, i contacted the photo taker and she told me she took a random photo on the riviera of France, my word..... You see I've longed for my Aunt Trudie, it was her that took me in as a young girl in search of the dream to become an actress. She took me under her wing, though more as her worker bee at her pub MargOH!'s on delancy street on the lower east side of Manhattan. It was actually Aunt Trudie who came up with my stage name and the bar was also where I was discovered by Russ Meyer.

After I'd moved to LA I got a telegram 6 months later that Aunt Trudie had a night of it with the gals at the pub and went skinny dipping in the east river and never came out. It was one of the saddest moments of my life. I also found out that day that she left me the pub. I wasn't shocked but at the time I was just getting started as a Russ Meyer girl, shooting films, attending Hollywood parties. I couldn't possibly go back to NY and run a run down pub with a backroom for lesbian's. That was Aunt Trudie's love, not mine, so I sold it and went on with my life.

Looking back now I regret the decision and wish I had gone back because in just a short few months Russ would dump me after just two films and a stick me with a pain in the ass wardrobe mistress Berna Breckenridge.....

Anyway, that's not important, it's finding Aunt Trudie that is what I need to focus on and I am. I immediately called Nicky Knockers to do a little PI job for me but she was too busy doing her 5,000Th porn film called "Nicky Knocker's does Broadway". She said she was rehearsing by doing the whole cast of "Spamalot"...but Clay Aiken had been giving her the runaround.....mmmm I wonder why?

So I decided I should hire someone in Europe anyway so I did some research and found a PI that is very secret and the business runs under cover of a Fish and Chip shop on
Old Compton Street in London.....I thought it fitting that they run a Fish and Chip/PI Shop......It's called Blatton, Blatton and Blatton. I've only spoken to one of the Blatton's which shall remain nameless on the blog as to not blow the cover of the business. The Blatton, Blatton and Blatton agency has assured me that they will find my Aunt Trudie and are on there way to the French Riviera as I type.

It is very exciting, well for me, my mother Sully never liked Aunt Trudie. She said "Whatta ya want to find that old dyke for? I bet she still doesn't shave her pits." Sully is just jealous because she knows i like Aunt Trudie better than her... Well I mean neither of them are perfect but at least Aunt Trudie didn't make me swab the floors with a toothbrush like sully, she bought me a mop....

Kids I'll keep you updated on this very exciting time. I'm off to Spain to shoot a film , then I'm off to meet the Blatton's of Blatton, Blatton and Blatton to provide additional information about my beloved Aunt Trudie....

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

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  2. Phoebs1:48 AM

    this is seriously exciting news MargOH! - I almost employed those Blattons to investigate when I heard My untrustworthy Uncle Janek had disappeared in Kazakstan with our family heirloom, a golden dachshund, said to contain some kind of powerful wand within his cylindrical body! But I was warned there was something fishy about those Blattons, so ended up with a second-rate agency from Peckham, S.London, who's three-wheeler yellow van with "Private Investigators Extraordinaire!" scrawlled across the back, should have been a warning that things wouldn't run smoothly...
    I'm sure there's nothing fishy about those Blattons though, well, apart from the smell...
    Here's to Aunt Trudie!

  3. Oh Phoebe,

    I'm sure the Blatton's will solve this case, they do seem very on top of things and I hear the fish and chips are grand... I already sent them a pair of Aunt Trudie's knickers. I guess they said they have a dog named Nobby that can sniff anyone out...

    We'll see..

    Kisses, M