Wednesday, May 09, 2007

In the trenches

Hey kids,

I'm into rehearsals and planning for upcoming shows so I May be a bit on the DL as far as the blog goes....

My deepest apologies but I refuse to have Berna at the controls like she offered to do. She said she would make up stories for me but I would never do that to my readers. MargOH! is unlike Paris Hilton a clean and upright citizen. I actually still have a drivers license and have never had a DUI...Go figure. Well I mean there were a few times that I used natures credit card to get myself out of trouble...I wonder why Paris never did that cause honey she is full of credit...

She's full of a lot of things including crap.

Any who I'll be updating as I can....MargOH!'s singing a lot more in this show but Joan Collins is giving me a vocal lesson or 2 so I should be okay. She's got a set of lungs on her...

Love and Kisses,



  1. phoebe5:18 AM

    Hey MargOH! - Best of luck with the rehearsals! Always remember your London fanbase is with you in spirit. You know, i once worked at an exclusive dept. store, and joan collins came to do a book signing. She banged her knee on the table and had to sit in my manager's filthy little office while someone ran down to the foodhall for a bag of frozen peas... what a glamourous life...
    xx x x x

  2. Oh, yes...Joan is glamorous but not afraid to get a little dirty..

    I think that's why were such

    Yes, I feel your love, believe stop london, I say!!!

    Kisses, MargOH!