Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cinco de Mayonnaise

Hey Kids,

It was a hot Saturday night and my Cinco de mayo cap was on..literally. Berna made me a sombrero out of plastic that holds 6 margarita's. The she fit it with a tube that hooked to my mouth...

We had been invited to a party by one of the Pizza boys from the party Berna had last week. It was in queens and we had to take the subway..It's really fun, all those sweaty bodies so close to each other. I got to know this guy Juan very well on the much that he ended up coming to the party with us. I shared by margarita tube with him.

When we arrived the party was already pumping with a hot DJ and a mariachi band! Hot stuff. Tons of food, empanada's, guacamole, spicy corn...and this very tasty spicy pesto mm it was tasty....I joined the band for a couple of Carmen Miranda numbers and we also did a salsa version of my "Fishmongers Daughter". It was a tough sell but that band killed on the 5Th try.... At this point Berna and I were toasted and i gave my hat away...and switched to wine...I'll be fine... Juan started getting a little frisky and starting rubbing that pesto mayo all over me...I of course opened my blouse and let him lick it off...very sexy.

Let's just say Juan is still sleeping in my bed and it's 12:30 on Sunday....We left Berna behind and she's not home yet so I must ring her on her cell. I hope she hasn't lost it!...that seems to be happening to everyone lately....

Cinco de mayonnaise everyone!!

Kisses, MargOH!

gotta get back to Juan...

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  1. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Wow! Sounds like some exciting times there in NYC. Happy Cinco de Mayonnaise