Thursday, April 26, 2007

Elvis and Celine

Hey Kids,

I see the legend, the songbird, the old man loving Celine has created another "My heart will go on" moment together for American Idol.

A duet with clever. I'm sure Natalie Cole was brought on as a consultant for this project...she's the ground breaker who started singing with the dead....

I wonder what Elvis would have thought about singing with the screeching Celine. I bet Lisa Marie thought it would be good, how sweet of her to share her father's image.... I find it funny that American Idol got a conscience after all these years and are wanting our cash....

Oh, then we have Madonna talking like she is a native of jolly old England when she's a broad from Detroit....You know I love my Madonna and her music but all of this self promotion for a good cause is getting really tired.....

Come to think of it I'm tired...time for a drink and a nap. Berna get me a champers and a sedative. I'm trying to see if I can sing with Elvis in my dreams.

Kisses, MargOH!

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