Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blame it on the Rain

Hey Kids,

I have an audition today for a new play called "Blame it on the Rain"...Shecky says it has nothing to do with Rain though...and does require a bit of Nudity. I'm a modern girl so I say why not...

I did some digging and found out the director is into Bondage and water sports...Oh no! Not that I mind those things...I've thrown on some leather before and I'm pretty snappy with the whip.

The one thing that bothers me is the water sports, though the role I'm auditioning for is "Madame Dildo" which means I'm the dominate one... I'm not sure if I could Pee on cue.....

I'm going to do a monologue from "Blue Velvet" and turn the shit out...or should I say Pee out....LOL

The things I do for my career. I wonder what Meryl Streep would do?

I'll let you know what happens kids...

Kisses, M


  1. phoebe-soho8:26 AM

    make a youtube of your monologue MargOH! - and I love the photo.
    It's lovely weather here in London, but in the words of the incomparable Bea Lillie "I Hate the Spring" right now; hayfever all the way! I better get over it, because
    on Sunday I'm going on a country ramble with friends in the forest - we're all city types though, I hope we don't get lost and eaten by wild animals.
    Dan is very excited, and has been growing cress to put in our sandwiches.
    I made a webpage for it - take a look!
    Love from sunny england, xxx

  2. Hi Phoebe,

    Oh, yes..I must make a video of that. I'll get Berna right on that.
    Yes, Berna is back and Cuchie is out. I am in the process of writing the part 2 of the Stoli Jones saga..

    Yes, your friend Mia told me about the woods sounds very exciting and to see Dan in nature must be gorgeous...Sorry I'll miss it but please take lots of Pics...

    The weather her's still cold but good for you...I love warm weather...

    I'll check it out...

    Kisses, M