Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cuchie's On her way out

Hey kids,

I was just getting over my Wiggles audition....I thought I was going to have to be put in traction. My back hurt so bad, I guess I did one to many high kicks. I spent the day at my chiro Dr. Wing Wong...he did nothing. I decided to take a couples days rest at "The Mandarin Oriental" in Lincoln square for some R&R. I thought it funny that my masseur's were named Robbie and Raul....mmmmm I am very relaxed.

I was relaxed til I got home after my late dinner with Shecky (Working on some new extra roles..)I couldn't believe it...the place was filled with South Americans...not that i don't love my Latin heat but really it was wall to wall chaos. Cuchie said she was having a Miss USA Party and doing dance numbers during commercial breaks... The place was a mess and so was that pageant, really they should just can that...

Listen, I love a party but when I realize that Cuchie has taken out every costume I own and is sweating all over them I take offence. She even did this Island voodoo number in the costume I wore for "The island of Dr Moreau"...It's ruined now, not to mention stretched out....horrible.

When Nicky Knockers gets back and tells me of Stoli's identity and if Berna is Innocent I'm taking her back. She is a handful but luckily can't fit into my clothes like Cuchie can.

She's outta here!!!

Kisses, MargOH!

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