Wednesday, March 14, 2007

American Idol Tragedy

Hey Kids,

Yes, from time to time Berna, myself and Cuchie huddle around the TV to watch American Idol. Even Linda Hunt and Polly Holiday joined us last night. It was a real booze fest. It was all in anticipation of Diana Ross being an Idol mentor. I couldn't believe a star of her magnitude was going to do this show.

I had 2 cases of Champers delivered and some snacks. I was dying to hear Miss Ross
tear into those kids but to my surprise she was quite kind and loving....Could have knocked me over...

Anyway, that was the only good thing about the show. I've never seen songs butchered like that before. "Love Hangover" gave me one..."Endless love" was an endless bore and "You can't hurry love" couldn't get a note.

Now, MargOH! loves a good singer and admires them to the fullest and that one girl who sang "Home" from The Wiz was great. Cheers to her but I'm sorry but that version of "God Bless the Child" was a mess....Billie's flower must have wilted during that.

By contestant # 4 we were all tanked and really just laughing at Paula...I think she had a few before they went live....Atta girl!

Well we got through the two hours but discussed it two hours after and decided that American Idol is an American Tragedy. It fills the mind with mediocrity that leads to nothing learned. I'm sure these kids all mean well and are lovely but they are caught up in this machine called capitalism....and they'll never be the same...'

Instant fame is not the way to go.

Hard work and trials are the only way to go. I hope Miss Ross told them that...Oh yeah...I forgot she's schilling her New CD...

After last night...I'll never be the same...I'll drink even more.

Kisses, MargOH!

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