Monday, October 01, 2007

A cold and airy wind blew

Hey kids,

When I woke up this morning I had a chill running through my bones. I had Hester "Bones" Crabtree make me a cup of tea. Hester is hard at work putting out sessions together...

Anyway I put on the BBC news and what do I see...Jenna Bush looking like a devil's spawn...i.e. a mix of both her mothers soulless eyes and her fathers stupid grin and a huge head, a very big head for a girl. She's on a book tour...It's written something...

Now this book is a non-fiction work about a teenager living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. I'm not going to comment on the book and maybe will have a few drinks and get it out of the library to see what it is about...Maybe there is something in that big head that differs from her parents ignorance...we'll see...

I'm still a bit chilly. I must say

Kisses, M


  1. tt tetley7:43 AM

    Funny, I saw a clip of JennaSpawn's interview w/Diane Sawyer and thought she had her father's soulless eyes, but agree that she looks like a combination of both parents - the dim and the medicated.

  2. I loved the description of Jenna Bush!

  3. Hey TT and Sam,

    Yes, she is very icey...and chilly. Fitting for Halloween coming up...

    Kisses, M