Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nellie McKay = Magic

Hey Kids,

The one thing I really love about living in New York City is that I am able
to attend some wonderful events.

Last night my darling "Gay Fiance" MAN-ee, Berna , the lovely Nicole Horton and myself dragged our asses to Williamsburg. Yes, Williamsburg....even on the L train...If you don't know about the L train let me just say MargOH! was so overheated that my waterproof mascara became liquefied and I looked very i fit right in...

The trip was well worth it and not just because of the special brownies our pal Nicole made but for my darling Nellie McKay.

Nellie is one of those performers who has it...I'm not sure what "it" is it her sense of nostalgia?, is it her vintage style?, is it her charming wit?, is it her sparkling rich voice? Well i think "it" is all of those things.

My darling Nellie came out onto the stage with her books of music and dropped it on the floor in a heap. It has become her signature and what a fun entrance.

The first thing you notice about Nellie is her striking vintage flare... it's not easy to wear vintage clothes but she always chooses the perfect dress for herself. Last night it was a pink dress with a chiffon overlay ,very cute.

Then it's the voice which over the years just gets better and better. It has become very rich and full of warmth especially in the song "I am Nothing". Nellie of course can get cheeky and she does on "Mother of Pearl" and "Pounce". My favorite part of the evening was when she did a tribute to Kitty Carlisle Hart. Nellie said she felt so bad when she came to see "Threepenny Opera" because of all the foul language and that she was dressed in a yellow suit and looked like a very elegant bumblebee. Nellie then busted into " A night at the opera" in the 30's style that it was originally sung by Kitty and it was fantastic and spot on.

It was a fabulous evening and Nellie is in great form and I just think she is the tops. She is a modern day Peggy Lee, bold, brassy, cute and sassy.

We spent the evening sitting with her mom Robin and I must say she is a great lady. I told her Nellie is magic to me and she smiled knowing exactly what I meant...

Kids get your asses out and buy Nellie's new CD "Obligatory Villagers". It's fantastic!!

Kisses, MargOH!

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