Monday, September 10, 2007

Chapter 2 "WHERE LIFE BEGINS" Session 1

Hey Kids,

Here is the first session of chapter 2 "Where Life Begins". We recorded these sessions in Provincetown while vacationing. We had so much fun and being by the ocean really made all my memories even more colorful and vivid.

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- MargOH! do you need a hat or anything. The sun is so hot today.

MargOH!- Oh, no Hester. I love the sun and I need it today and I also need that hunk over there, yawza, very sexy. My goodness, the beach is so gorgeous today.

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- Yes, he is cute isn't he. Yes, it is gorgeous but really hot, I'm sweating like crazy.

MargOH!- Here, let me spritz you with this (spritzing hester with water).
Hester "Bones" Crabtree- Is that vodka?, it smells of booze.

MargOH!- Yes, I put a little in the water spritzer, it's good for the skin you know Hester

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- I wasn't aware vodka was good for the skin

margOH! Oh, well That's what Sully says, so who knows(Laughing). Now , lets start with me leaving home today. If we need to go back about Sully or Salty we can. I just think this is the most important part of my story.

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- Sully has many odd home remedies (laughing) fish oil, vodka, I wonder what will be next (laughing). Yes, MargOH! of course we can start wherever you want.

MargOH!- Things were going horrible and mother was drinking more. I'd stopped going to school for the most part to help at the fish shop. Then one day Sully comes running in the store screaming and jumping up and down. She said there was a huge haul of Tuna coming in and that we were going to make a ton of money. Then like two minutes later loads of Tuna started being dumped off at the shop. It was insane, Rita, myself and Sully stated skinning a deboning right away. It was a bloodbath in that store with fish bones and carcases all over. We had to shut down for two days just to clean up. It was disgusting but that Tuna did as Sully said. Made her a ton of money. She of course ran out and bought new outfits, jewelry and like twenty pairs of shoes. She did give Rita and myself one full outfit, wow. She was so kind. Then she told us she was going to buy a car and was missing for two days. When she came back without the car I asked her where it was and she told me she decided to take us on a trip instead.

She grabbed me by both arms and told me we were going to New York City for a week. The she started crying and sobbing that we were also going to see Judy, Judy Garland that is, Live and in concert at Carnegie hall.

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- Wow, MargoH! You must have been excited?

MargOH!- Oh, sure. It was more like disbelief. I couldn't believe that I a daughter of a fishmonger was going to see Dorothy live and in person. It was 1961, a year I will never forget. I was twelve and at that moment my world seemed glorious. Then Sully slapped Rita and I with the fact that she only had enough money for one ticket to the concert so she loaned us out to shuck oysters down at Fulton Fish market for one of her buddies for 5 days. I should have known that there was a catch. Sully was notorious for giving you something with strings.

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- How sad? You'd already worked so hard on the Tuna.

MargoH!- Yes, but I was used to Sully and her games. To me I just was so excited about going to New york and seeing Judy, it was worth it in my eyes. it turned out to be very hard work and our hands were bleeding by the end of it. You see all the scars on my hands, that's from that week.

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- Ouch! I see. You poor dear.

MargoH!- That wasn't the only thing bleeding, I got my first visit from my little friend that week. I asked Sully what to do and she said stick some tissue down there and don't bang anyone until I was eighteen.

Hester "Bones" Crabtree-Oh, dear! That is terrible.

MargoH!- Luckily it wasn't a very heavy flow that time so I just did what she said but I used a sock instead. The other thing that was bleeding was my nose when we got to our seats. We were so high up, it was scary. Once the overture started though it didn't matter. It was like magic. Judy walked onto the stage like she was walking on air. She then started to sing "When you're Smiling". Her voice boomed to the rafters. I started to shake and tears filled my eyes until a steady stream ran down my face. I looked to Sully and she also looked touched until I realized she had fallen asleep with her eyes open so I shook her and she yelled out get me another scotch and then slumped down in her chair.

I just looked back at the stage and as I watched Judy belt it out I knew I wanted to be a star. I then looked at Rita and grabbed her hand, then I realized that I couldn't go back to Bangor. That concert changed my life (sobbing). When we left that hall that night I broke free from Rita's had and got lost in the crowd. I remember exactly what i said. "See ya later Sully", then I turned back to the hall and said "Thank you, Judy"(crying and grabbing for tissue).

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- What a moment for you MargOH! I think we should stop here.

MargoH!- Yes, that's good. I'm going to take a dip in the ocean. When I get back I'll tell you about my Aunt Trudie.

Hester "Bones" Crabtree- Aunt Trudie? can't wait.

Kisses, MargOH!