Monday, September 10, 2007


Hey Kids,

I really am wondering who is handling Britney at the moment because they are doing a terrible job.

I wish her mother had taken me up on my offer for Berna and myself to manage her. I would have put Britney in a long sultry gown and had her belt out a ballad at the VMA's after a month of voice lessons of course.

It is obvious that she was pumped up on xanax or oxycontin or a horse tranquilizer because of her motionless body, that girl was relaxed....

What is really shocking is that her people do not realize that throwing her in skimpy outfits just doesn't work any longer. You can tell she knew she stunk and the choices being made for her and by her are just plain stupid.....

I'm calling out to Britney to let me handle her career and she will be back on top...MargOH! knows how to spin shit into gold and potato's into vodka...

Britney Lets work it girl!!!!

Kisses, MargOH!