Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sully offers herself up

Hey Kids,

First Jenna Bush, now this!!

Sully calls me this morning and says she's feeling maternal and wants to have another Baby....I immediatly hung up and called the Fishmonger's retirement home's medical guy Dr. Troutsworth and asked him to adjust my mothers medication right away.She's must be taking too many HRT's or viagra.

She called me back and told me about the story linked here. How a woman gave birth to her own grandchildren in Brazil and Sully wants my egg. She also added she'd like Keanu Reeves to be the sperm donor...She's gone mad, she's 86 and obviously out of her mind.

I decided long ago not to reproduce and stop the channing family tree from growing any more. I had to cut off the insanity with me...though I am the most adjusted and sane Channing there is including Carol and we aren't even related. I did have that little scare with Stoli but I was only the port and still have no biological children...

Oh yes, did this woman's daughter ever think of adoption...

This story gives the line "Grandma's got a treat for you" to a whole new level...

Kisses, MargOH!

PS- Sully has been taken off her HRT's and is strapped to her bed at the moment just in case...

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  1. What about Margoh!'s sister? Does she have any kids?

    I agree with you about Sully - you don't want that kind of action going on.