Thursday, July 05, 2007

Stumpy got the Money

Hey kids,

It's been a while since I let you in on the mystery of Stoli jones, my surrogate daughter...thankfully not my biological spawn. Though I am sure if I had children they would be gorgeous and well drinking.

Any who, I had sent Nicky Knockers and Stoli back to Stumpy's place where her said he buried a wad of cash. After doing more reading of Stumpy's notes I found out that there was nearly 750, 000. I decided to send Berna as well to monitor their progress and make sure they didn't try and run off with my loot. I think I deserve a hunk of that cash, don't you? I was the one who suffered the most from this tragic story. I figured I could take 400, 000 and let them fight over the rest. Honestly I haven't been working much lately. My extra roles have been slim and my agent Shecky's attempt to get me work in the tween market failed miserably. I don't think "the wiggles" was quite right for my talents. I did of course complete my re shoots for "Hairspray". I played John T's body double and let me tell you that body suit reeked, he stinks and he accidentally took a crap in it while doing "the madison", that's a dance. They tried to clean it but honestly it still was a bit rank.

Anyway, Nicky and Stoli dug up the whole back yard and have only recovered 100,000 grand. They are on their way back to recharge and then we're going to bulldoze the house and front yard next. I may go to supervise this next wave because I have a sinking feeling they may have been holding out on MargOH! I noticed that Nicky's eyes were looking awfully rejuvenated in her last head shot... mmm a little nip/tuck..

Okay kids gotta run but I'll be back .

Kisses, M


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