Monday, July 16, 2007

MargOH!'s going to Fashion Week

Hey Kids,

Yes, it's true MargOH! is going to fashion week in the fall. I have been before and it usually is a scene.

This time will be fun though because I've been invited by my myspace pal Zach. He is cute as a button and an upcoming Stylist/fashion designer. He is so sweet and is having MargOH! model some Jewelry for many of the shows. I of course only plan to attend shows that are Anti-fur as not to piss off my PETA peeps.

Zach is only 21 and how gorgeous MargoH! will look with that on her arm....LOL. I hope he can hang with me as far as the drinking goes.

I'm going to have Berna call ahead and make sure the tent is stocked with enough champagne. Don't laugh when I went two years ago they ran out and later I landed a European ad campaign for "Krug". They couldn't believe how much I could drink and still look this good.

They called the campaign "Drink Krug and you can look ageless". For some reason the ads only ran in Poland and Lithuania. Go Figure!

I can't wait! I put Little Zachery's link so you can check him out!

Kisses, MargoH!


  1. Hey MargOH! I think I saw those posters in Warsaw! There was one in the square near where my alcoholic Uncle sits with the hobos - they gather round it and raise raucous toasts - I think it's kind of like a patron saint thing, y'know, they're all a bit Catholo-crazy over there...! Never realised it was you, just thought Liza must be doing some promo work in the East...
    Can't wait to see the fashion week photos!

  2. Hi Hon,

    Oh, dear i didn't think anyone would have seen those. I know that the hobo's love "Krug". This of course was my goal, for everyone to enjoy a good champagne..

    Liza only drinks "Boonesfarm". it's easier on the liver!

    Kisses, MargOH!