Friday, July 20, 2007

MargoH! attends Soprano's Farewell party

Hey Kids,

I went to the Soprano's farewell party and it was a bit sad. I didn't realize I was going to be mistaken for a call girl. I also didn't know I was suppose to wear a teddy. The girls were required to only be in a teddy or some sort of underwear.

I didn't wear any panties because I was hoping the paparazzi would catch a minge shot when I hiked up my wrap dress.

They were very pushy at the door and told me I couldn't come in with a dress on. I told the guy that I had nothing on underneath it and his said bada bing. I demanded that he get Michael Imperioli.

Michael came to the door and gave me a big hug and swept the doorman away. You see I played henchman's lady # 6 in the first season of the damn show. I quickly realized this party was thrown by all the bit players and Michael was the biggest celeb there. The rest of the party was filled with gals in there teddy's. No big surprise but Nicky Knockers, Stoli and Berna were huddled in a corner doing tequila slammers. Berna was wearing a teddy but the whole thing looked like a thong, it was a bit small.

I left Michael to join them and asked them what the hell they were doing there. They went on to tell me that Nicky was sent a limo from Steven Schirripa. Nice, i had to take the damn train.

I grabbed a drink but then all the party girls started trying to unwrap my wrap dress. It was turning into a real Caligula's den. Berna, my wardrobe mistress was humping some gal named Pebo by the grill, Nicky Knockers was stuffing my semi-daughter's face in between her tits a la Robin Byrd.

Of course I started making out with some girl named Tonya T because honestly the men were few and far between. She was wearing the most tasty lip gloss so I asked her what it was and she said it wasn't lip gloss and that she just eaten out her friend Lita in a three way in the bathroom.

Yikes, I thought! I really gotta find out what Lita's diet is because she tasted like Thin mints...

In the end I must say this party was a bit trashy and not that much fun but I guess they wanted to make the farewell party much like the last episode.

Kisses, MargOH!

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