Monday, October 24, 2005

Yuk, Bobby Trendy

Hey Kids,

Oh! Kids I almost forgot to tell you that when I was in LA I ran into that mess Bobby Trendy. You know him as the loser designer from "The Anna Nicole Show". As I explained I attended the Sue Wong show and sat next to Tara Lapinski but I hadn't told you that on the other side of me was none other than Bobby Trendy. He looked as though he had stolen Kim Fung's(my darling pooch)Halloween costume.

I had never set eyes on him other than on the show and let me tell you I was a bit concerned. I thought you were only suppose to get face lifts later in life(luckily I have good gene's and barely have a wrinkle, I think it was the fish oil my mother cooked with)but he obviously has gone under the knife. Tara told me that she was told that he was actually 50 mmmm.... I wonder.

Anyway, the show started and the lights went down and it was fabulous. I just love Sue's use of exotic materials and unconventional patterns. However, half way through I went to for my purse to grab my lip gloss(the LA air is so dry sometimes)and couldn't find it. I looked at Bobby and his lips were dripping with gloss and I could smell root beer(my flavor). I couldn't believe it and was very upset, he looked at me with that pretentious smile. I leaned in and said "Did you steal my root beer lip gloss". He replied "No Kitten I just borrowed it" and he handed it back to me. Well after spotting that unusually large boil like cold sore on his lip I decided to take the high road and let him keep it.

Can you believe it!!!! What a mess.....



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