Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"I've gotta crush on you" Al Franken

Hey Kids,

My mornings are so much brighter now that I have Al Franken in combo with my Mimosa's.

The thing is I really want to have him. Ever since I have been watching his show on "The Sundance Channel" I've been hot, things have really been boiling over. I was never much for the geeky quiet type but I really wanna take a ride on the Franken.

He is so smart and really fills my senses with joy unlike that other morning show I had been watching. The "other" morning show has seemed to have taken a turn to spouting "Bush Propaganda" and katie's legs are not enough for me to keep watching.

I am making it my mission to let Al know how I feel even though he is a married man. Not that I would dream of breaking up a marriage, I learned my lesson with Liz and Richard, the second time around. Oh! Stop judging me! If you had a chance to sleep with Richard Burton you would..... Wouldn't you?

Berna told me that Al was doing a book signing this weekend so I am heading over to say Hi. I hope that his pesky wife Frannie isn't there!!!! I'll let you know what happens



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