Thursday, October 13, 2005

Only Olivia

Hey Kids,

I went to see the fabulous Olivia Newton John on Tuesday night and had a bang up evening. It turns out that I sat right next to one of my old friends Didi Conn, you know Frenchie from "Grease". I played a pivital role in Grease as well as a spastic hand-jiver. I can still give a good hand -jive and so can Didi, we were hand-jiving eachother all throughout the concert.

Olivia looked lovely and sang like the gentle bird she is. Though I know Olivia has a wild side she seemed to be in an Angelic mode even as she tore through the rock medly that included "Rumor", and the ever popular "Twist of Fate" . The crowd went wild.

Speaking of the crowd, Olivia has a strange audience, more like freaks. On one side of me was two men from Texas that were planning to attend her whole tour, mmmm now that is dedication (very Scarey). On the other side of Didi was a man who claimed he was 104 years old and had a woody for Olivia, well a cane that he was determined to get her to sign. It was a crowd of all ages and many of them brought her flowers and gifts to the stage. I think it is her open nature that makes people feel that they can run to her.

After the show Didi and I spent some face time with Olivia and knocked back some champers. We talked about the old days and how we all looked so fabulous for women of our age. Didi and I said our goodbye's and feeling Aussie we went for a T-bone at the Outback.... Olivia "I honestly love you"

Kisses, MargOH!

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