Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MargOH!'s Cocktail Caucus

Hey Kids,

I've been so busy....drinking that I haven't put a post up in a bit, sorry dolls. We had our UK pals over for a cocktail, it was all very last minute for we just flung it together after meeting up the night before at Sean's gallery opening. Things move fast in my world kids...though the bottles seem to fly a little faster at times. I'm still a little hung today ...yawza.

Here are some pics from the little party and I do not think Hillary or Barack would approve the message....

We did have fun though!!

Kisses, M


  1. Anonymous8:56 PM

    hey margOH! - keith keeps going on about you since the party, he says you're an inspiration! But also, he has a crush on Legs... I love the fact you've used the photo of me as a dwarf. I have two photos where I look like a dwarf now, perhaps i am one and am in denial. Phoebs xxx

  2. Hi doll,

    Well I mean Legs is a stunner and just hot stuff. Keith is too funny and I think we hit it off so well because of our love for the well you know ...the gals and the booze...MargOH! wouldn't mind a roll around with Legs herself...and you also know how much I love little people so I love you!!!LOL.....

    Kisses, M