Tuesday, February 12, 2008

MargOH! Invests

Hey Kids,

Well you know I'm not getting any younger, I will be turning 60 in a few months but thanks to cod liver oil, various other fish oils and champagne I look 40.

I've never been that concerned with age but I have come to realize the extra roles won't come in forever and I will need income. It's obvious I'll be here another 20 years at least so I have been looking into various investments. If you all recall I came into a little "Stumpy Jones" money after my little "almost had a daughter" saga. I tucked that away and was waiting for the right thing and kids I found it.

A Haddock farm in Jackson, New Hampshire. Thats right, MargOH! is the proud owner of "Haddie's Haddock Farm and Fishery". It was actually Stoli who contacted me about a few schemes she thought of but this one seemed to be the best. I mean it really keeps the "fish" in the family so to speak. It is also a solid investment sure to keep me in champagne and fish oil for my lifetime. I mean with the way the environment is headed they'll be no fish in the ocean so they'll have to get their haddock from my pools...

More importantly it will eventually keep Berna busy because I'll be sending her up there to check on things from time to time. It really isn't anything that I have to be invloved in. I have two men named Fergie and Fred Fishstein running the joint, they're a lovely couple who recently made a civil union in New Hampshire. I really didn't know that gays were interested or knew anything about fish but these two were both married to women in the past so it all made sense to me after meeting them. I feel my fish are in good hands with these two boys.

We had a fabulous time hanging out in New Hampshire and of course we hit the slopes and i also hit a lovely ski instructor named Roscoe, he had a liking for the older gals and jacuzzi's. I really hadn't had any in a while but I was all fish oiled up so things went very smoothly....yummy...MAN-ee kept himself busy with the other ski instructor Ashton, he was a Utah boy gone wild and poor MAN-ee was so exhausted upon our return home from all of his snowplowing or should I say Ashton's plowing...Oh it's so fun having a gay fiance...it really is...

I'll keep you posted on my fish farm....My daddy salty would be so proud!!

Kisses, M

PS. My Aunt Fawn came with me to compete in the over 70's Figure skating sectionals. This is a story in itself so I'll post about that in the next one...yikes..Let me just put it this way we spent 6 hours in the emergency room having them remove a tree branch from her ass.....

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  1. Man-ee Champagne8:22 AM

    Which reminds me...I think I need another lesson before the season ends.

    Those Utah boys really know how to work their poles...and their skis, of course.

    Maybe if we can cut back on Berna's snack budget we can work in some tennis "lessons" when the weather gets warmer? I've head that the Aussies and the Serbs really know how to stroke.