Monday, February 04, 2008

GO Hillary GO!

Hey Kids,

Well it's true. I've decided to vote for Hillary Clinton. I of course was a Kucinich gal from the very beginning but we all know that this Democracy only allows the very, very, very, very, very , very rich to run for President. This left me with either Barack or Hillary. Now, I of course would never vote for Hillary if this was a fashion election..I mean really her suits are just so stiff and unappealing. I would vote for Barack if it were a fashion contest for sure.

I made my decision on the final debate. Hillary is a smart woman and he an intelligent man but what swayed me was not what they said but to me it was all in the body language. The final thing was when the debate was over and everyone was wrapping up and Hillary got up and took off her own microphone pack but Barack didn't attempt to remove his, instead he had a stagehand come out and remove it for him.

In my eyes there was a sence of arrogance on his part in the way he handled that situation but Hillary was just no- nonsence and took the thing off. This shows me that Hillary is a doer and Barack is more a sit back and have everyone else do it kind of guy.

I know, I know but it's hard to choose when you know politician's are never 100% truthful and will say anything to get a vote. It is these small things that make me lean towards one or the other.

I just think we need a Hillary right now because she's a tough broad that won't take crap from conservatives.

Go Hillary Go!


  1. Great Observation!

  2. Hi Vudu,

    Yes, it is these little things that count I think. Though now Hillary is scrambling for Super Delegates...who know's....

    I'm just afraid we may have to have a president with only half a face..John McCain is just o boring to be President..

    Kisses, M