Friday, August 10, 2007

MargOH!'s going Loco, Oh I mean Logo

Hey Kids,

I'm back and had a fab vacation. Hester and I did a lot of my memoirs on the beach so I'll be posting the first part of chapter one after an edit.

So, I get back last night and flip on LOGO and they were having this debate/forum with presidential hopefuls.... It was more like a Gay marriage love fest...who is , who isn't, who may like it after their journey...It was all very...bad if you ask me!

Yes, it was historic in the sense that the forum happened and that is great but I thought that it was poorly presented....I only drank a half bottle of champagne, if something is good I usually have 2 at least...I spent most of the evening asking Berna if I was Bi and she a tranny because all I saw was a lot of polished gay men and a lesbian with a mullet...I also spent 20 minutes trying to get a viewer question through...but they only asked 2 in two hours...very strange I say.

Also, there are a lot of issues that weren't even covered, like the Iraq war(just a little war that's ruining the world), Health care(elderly gays need more help and housing), Billie Jean King(she has a fitness center and still weighs 220) and of course Human rights or does Human rights = Gay Marriage now..I guess so...

You all know MargOH! doesn't like to get to serious but c'mon here kids....We can and should do better for all of the community, not just the LOGO community of performers and a single trans and a Lesbian couple just to say they did.We need all of the LGBT community represented during these forums and we need to ask better questions.

Oh, I liked the 2 guys that have no chance of winning..Gravel and Kucinich. Just for the record the last time I looked a love child wore more colorful outfits. They speak the truth as they know it and isn't that refreshing.

Kisses, MargOH!

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