Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Young Ones

Hey Kids,

So I've started writing some new material for my upcoming show "MargOH! Channing is Tipsy". I've been thinking of talking about how this old girl interacts a lot with much younger kids...Which is boys, sexy girls, hot nipples and hard buns...

So here is a little something:

I do so love interacting and being friends with younger kids, it's such a pleasure for an old lady like MargOH! The younger generation of gays are so much fun and willing to accept almost anything. I think it's because of the Internet(pause)or maybe their mothers were drinking scotch while breast feeding. I think this generation of twenty some thing's were back on the utters weren't they?

I was a formula baby, my mother knew she would have killed me with her bathtub gin... I think breast fed kids are much more aware and conscientious. Really they are, the younger gays are so neat and clean, plucked pubes and Brazilian bung holes. so clean. My generation wasn't so lucky, the 70's (Long Pause) you could give their pubes a bouffant during a blow job...and rimming was a messy situation (pause) like making popcorn in your mouth...the dingle berries...there was no need for dental floss in the 70's...Well I mean their mothers were smoking and listening to Elvis...

Don't get me wrong, I don't love everything about these kids... and I have sometimes tried to keep up with them not so successfully...last week I bought a pair a skinny jeans ( long Pause and act like putting them on)...Lets just say I turned them into leg warmers so for me they are skinny ankle jeans...

More mind blowing comedy coming soon...LOL

Kisses, MargOH!