Saturday, February 05, 2011

MargOH!'s Fierth writings

Hey kids,

Last year I got an email from the darling Mike Diamond who does red carpet coverage for Logo. He asked me if I was interested in writing a birthday tribute to Joan Crawford for . I live by the word of Joan and her book "My Way of Life" so he thought I'd be perfect to write it.
I of course accepted the offer but then realized I had only 4 days to write it.

I became a bit frantic but thought I can do it and I'm really proud of the articles I've written for Fierth. Brian and Mike gave me a gift to explore my writing and have fun with MargOH! and the subjects. I especially love the Bette Davis tribute.

Writing is my first love. It always has been and I've had so much fun exploring the fierth world. I'm thankful to Brian and Mike for the opportunity...

Check out all of my writing on Fierth.comKisses, MargOH!