Friday, April 24, 2009

Ice castles and Susan Boyle

Hey kids,

I'm on my way to Idaho to shoot some scenes for the remake of "Ice castles". I'm playing Zamboni Lady #1, but I do have a line "Get the fuck off the ice you twat" but I think this is what makes the poor skater hit the ice and go blind, yikes. I don't think that was in the original film, they've updated the script.....I was in the first Ice Castles and played Party Gal # 6, funny that scene also was in the context of the skater hitting the ice and going blind, you can catch me admiring the ice sculpture and drinking champagne in the first one...This is a quick shoot and I'll be back in NY Sunday.

The next thing happening right now is that wardrobe mistress Berna Breckenridge has left me high and dry again. We are in the midst of packing to move and she announces that she is moving to the UK and that Susan Boyle has hired her as her assistant and style coach. I'm not sure how she wrangled up this gig but she told me Simon Cowell is flipping the bill to get her into shape for the competition. To tell you the truth I think Shirley Bassey got in Cowell's ear about Berna because of all the errands she'd do for Shirley when she was living next door. The truth is Berna doesn't do crap but drink and party with her friends, once in a while she'll iron my costumes or dust a bit. She says the $25 I pay her a week isn't fair but who's paying the rent for her big ass to do nothing...I don't think she gets it...

No worries because once Susan and Simon realize that she is a slacker they'll kick her out and poor Susan will still look a mess. If you saw the new pictures of Susan's hair and jacket, that was Berna. Berna said she told her to get a "LuLu" hairdo and woody Allen glasses....good lord!

You just can't find good help any day

XO, MargOH!

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