Friday, January 30, 2009

Doing time on east 23rd street

Hey Kids,

Where do I begin...I'm going crazy with my living arrangement and fear I may have to move to the suburbs. I need more space before I kill one of my family members.

Though things have gotten a little easier because I got my ex-mother Sully who is now my Aunt, My mother Trudie and my Aunt Fawn Jobs on rotating shifts. Sully got a job at the fish market across the street and works 10-7. Trudie got a bartending job at McSwiggans working 3-11 and sometimes til 4am depending on how she is feeling and Aunt Fawn is working at chelsea peirs sharpening skates from 11-7. Linda hunt thought it was cruel that I made them all get jobs seeing their ages average 74 but please, oh boo hoo I said.

If they want to live in the big city they have to act like big girls not shriveled up versions of what they used to be. Please , Sully looks younger than me and since she started working she is back to buying and wearing mini skirts from american apparel. Aunt Fawn, has the legs of a young dancer and just strted taking hip hop dance get my point...

So I've been having some down time but can't have any men over, if you know what i mean and I'm horny....

I started looking at houses in Yonkers....Oh dear!!


XO, MargOH!

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