Saturday, January 03, 2009

Writing in the New Year

Hey Kids,

I'm going to write 3 shows this year. That is my goal anyway. I also want to do a charity show for chrsitmas this year and get some big names involved, that would be fun.."A very MargOH! Christmas".

I'm also going to write one for MAN-ee and me...Oh by the way MAN-ee had to move in next door with Linda Hunt due to all of the people staying here. Linda was so kind to take him in, she is just making him do light dusting instead of paying rent...what a good gay he is. The show I'm writing for us is called "Dazzling Duets". The other show is called "For the love of Judy", an autobiographical romp. and then I want to do another burlesque show with country music and a big opening number..

i gotta get writing!!

XO, MargOH!


  1. Oh poor MAN-ee! I've Linda can be a terrible roommate!!!

  2. Well, I'm jealous of Man-ee, I for one would love to room with Linda Hunt! xxx

  3. I know Phoebs but Linda can be quite of a pest and she drinks all my boxed wine..LOL

    XO, BT