Thursday, February 12, 2009

Getting away

Hey kids,

MargOH! is getting out of dodge..The city has me in a slump, not to mention all the hags living in my house..They are driving me crazy!!

I booked Berna and I a spa weekend in Newport..I know, I know, newport in winter...but Mamma's on a budget, the work has dried up a bit but I have been booked for 2 live shows coming up and also 2 extra jobs in the spring...

Honestly, I was a little upset after going to see "He's just not that into you" because they cut my scene. I was in one of those scenes where the real people talk about relationships, my segment was "If your new girlfriend ends up being a guy". It was unscripted and I thought my observations were hilarious, like, "Its not that big of a deal, just hold onto the shaft when you are riding the caboose" and "Sometimes you can't have a cupcake and have to settle for hard candy". I called the director and he said my statements were a little harsh but he might put them into the dvd extra's. I of course think its a no brainer, I was talking about gals that have that little something extra...

Well, I'm off. Berna is picking up the rental as we speak, I know, I know. I had to let my car service go, it's sad but like Sully said and no i'm not talking about Sully who landed in the hudson to get a book deal, I'm talking about my mother Sully who said sometimes you have to pass the shrimp cocktail and get canned salmon for a while....

XO, MargOH!


  1. Sully's observation about canned salmon made me think of grey gardens... except they had to give up canned salmon for the cat-food!
    Glad to hear Berna is making herself useful(!) xx

  2. finally she is back to doing some work, goodness, the canned salmon keeps sully busy because she has to take out all the bones, i keep telling her they have skinless/boneless cans but she doesn't listen, oh, My..