Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Fascinating Rythym

Hey Kids,

Guess what? I am taking dance lessons with my building super Glenda at the Broadway Dance Center. We are doing Tap and Jazz but we plan to work up to Tango soon (anyone want to be my partner??? I’m afraid of being that intimate with Glenda and forget Berna…she INSISTS on leading). Glenda is surprisingly limber for a woman of her size.

Once I put on those tap shoes my feet started to move like salmon swimming up stream. It was terribly exciting! I want everyone to join in on the fun! I feel so energized by Tap!

I also am so happy that I am spending this precious bonding time with Glenda. Truthfully though, at times she looks a bit like Ed Wood. But it is encouraging to know that even scary people can have fascinatin’ rhythm.

Dancing is like a medicine, not as good as a vodka martini mind you, but a medicine nonetheless. Our teacher, Birdie, looks a lot of Elaine Stritch (except Birdie is 24). Birdie was recently let go from the cast of Hairspray because she stepped on Bruce Vilanch’s hemline and tore his skirt right off during a Sunday matinee and three elderly women had to be rushed to the hospital for temporary blindness.

She is a task-master and has us all tapping like mad. I lost 2 lbs the first night…of course I gained it back the next day after I ate that 4 lb “value” bag of Dirty Chips for breakfast, but whatever.

I am planning to give up chips and start eating grapes, beets and apples to ensure some weight loss (we don’t want to think about how that weight loss will occur when I start sucking down the apples and beets…). So with diet and dancing (and whatever else) I aim to lose 20 pounds. It’s a new MargOH, kids.

I'll be back soon with a Halloween report. Parties, parties, parties! And I will tell you all about
my most recent guest, the fabulous Linda Simpson, and her magazine “My Comrade”.

Ciao for now,


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