Thursday, December 20, 2012

MargOH!'s Tale of "The Holiday Ho"

The Holiday Ho

Its’ Christmas eve, just one night on this street
He’s late, waiting for Santa to get here on his beat
Don’t wanna pick up some John or some Mark, Jack or Steve
Just to get a ride, some heat to warm up these frozen  feet

I  can’t wait for Santa any longer
It’s a John I need the winds getting stronger
To the point their engines they  sound
They’ll be pantin, but where is Santa to be found

Santa Baby its cold outside
Dancing and prancing just to stay warm
When john pulls up aside for a ride
The price is right but it’s just a  Geo Storm

Finally got a ride, puttin’ on a show go, go, go
Workin hard on this meat, bitch ain’t got no heat
Rather be back on the street ,waitin for Santa, wouldn’t cha know
It’s the plight of the Holiday ho

Then on the trunk there rose such a clatter
I stuck my head through the sunroof to see what was the matter
It was jolly old saint Nick, he smiled, how you doing my Rick
He said ho, ho  and away we go on his sleigh, could it get any fatter

He  wrapped me in his arms as he turned up the heat,
You see this sleighs got electric heated seats as we rode, rode , rode
Dancing and prancing on his pole as he was dropping  his gifts so neat
Warm as bunny as we set down on my roof, when he shot his load so sweet

He swept me down the chimney with care, good ole  jolly Saint Nick
Then tucked me into bed and said I’ll see ya next year
Come sooner next time so you can have more Rick my dear
Ho, ho , ho you put on a hell of a show as he slapped my rear

As he turned to go he dropped his money filled sack that lasts all year
With a wink and a nod he said I love you my Rick
A  moment I pondered,  then shouted ,Santa don’t go, let me suck your dick
But he was gone in a wonder, with a  jolly ho, ho, ho
I ran to the window to see him go, my heart filled with joy
Santa saved me from the streets and I’m forever his boy
For on Christmas eve, just one night a year Jolly old Saint Nick will appear
Take it from me, for this I know ,  with a nod and a wink ,I’m his holiday ho


  1. Awe thanks darling...happy ho-lidays...