Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Berna's Back in town and Angie

Hey kids,

I was getting ready to go see Blithe Spirit last night and just as I was leaving Berna busted through the door with bags of smokey bacon crisps. She said she cleaned London out of them. Good for her...I guess. The house smells like a smokehouse though. When i got home Berna was on the floor in a smokey bacon crisp haze.

Any who, the show was so much fun and I went to see Angie Lansbury backstage along with Christine and Rupert afterwards. They are all so fun and Angie is just crazy, she swears like a sailor.I did a few extra roles on Murder she wrote and that's when I found out that Angie was like Fuck this and Fuck that but her favorite curse phrase is "screw you, pig fucker". She often said that while driving me home from the set, what a laugh.

last night Angie said she was a little aggravated by some old turds that were eating crackers and cheese in the front row. she said she wanted to Lupone their asses but she held her tongue because they were "oldsters". That's funny coming from her because she's 84 I think but you wouldn't know it. We ended up going for a freshener at "Molly's". Angie said, c'mon old girl lets go somewhere quiet so Molly's is always a good bet. We had 2 shots of bourbon each and a bottle of wine. I can't disclose much of our conversation because she was firing on all cylinders about everybody and not all good...but I think she said "Screw that pig fucker" 20 times.

If you have a chance go see Blithe Spirit, Angie steals the show, it's a fun show, very old school!!

XO, MargOH!

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