Monday, April 21, 2008

Inbreeding is Rampant

Hey Kids,

I know, I know...I've been terrible with this blog. I think it's because I'm turning 60 and I feel there is so much to do before may. There are things I haven't tried or done yet. I've been busy trying to catch up.

Just a few things... I never actually had sex with anyone older than me so I went out on a mission to Gramercy Tavern, not some place I'd usually go , it's stuffy and smells of burnt meat and whiskey. I didn't mind the whiskey part and actually sauntered up to the bar and had a snifter of cognac...yummy. Well wouldn't you know there were only ladies who lunch at the bar, yikes...wasn't into that... I ended up settling for a waiter named Smitty who was 66...I won't go into details but the drink was stiffer than the meat.....At least now I can get back to the young ones.

Speaking of young ones, I've made a fabulous new friend from Italy and his name is Valerio. He has many of his video's on you tube.He has a great voice and what a gorgeous young man. We've hit it off and have a lovely friendship going. We've decided to do a duet of "Somethin Stupid". This will also be a first, my first recorded duet, how fun....MAN-ee and I have done some fun stage duets and I love doing them so this will be a hoot....

Now to my topic inbreeding...It is all over the news , with that polygamist sect and those crazy gals that look exactly alike and talk like zombies. Their eyes are very close together which usually means inbreeding... I of course know a little about this because my father's side of the family were a bit , well not quite right and it was found that way back in the eighteen hundreds the family members were all doing each other... I think this explains why I have to pluck my eyebrows on a daily basis...they're so thick and bushy....

The other inbreeding that goes on is in the entertainment industry and especially new york cabaret....It's not really like that type of inbreeding...but it is very similar to a cult. I mean this of course in the nicest possible way but I hate the fact that in order to be part of the mix one must get the stamp of approval by an established's like whoring yourself out for a piece of the pie...truthfully I'd rather sleep my way to the top(like in Hollywood, you know like Catherine Zeta Jones) than have to suck up to people just to get attention and believe me I've never seen so much sucking up in my life....

I never realized when I was on the outside what a sham associations are and what obstacles they cause for some people. Now that I've gotten a glimpse of the inside and how things really work, I find it a bit sad and honestly all of the mystique that surrounds the entity have diminished for me...I've always been one who is accepting of all people and I treat people with talent the same as anyone else....but I find that getting the same in return isn't as easy.

Talent is not limited to what one, two or three people think because if that were so then there would never have been a Jackie Mason. I wish people would understand that Talent is not limited to a perception but is unlimited in spectrum....Oh god did that make sense or did that Cognac knock me for a loop....

I'll be back kids

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Anonymous4:27 AM

    MargOH!! tell me about it, trying to get on in the Loondon art scene is a nightmare, honestly. I went for a job interview the other day and the galleriest was a complete BITCH!! She refused to even sit down and kept speaking in french, i presumed she thogut i might get the gist but ive no idea! I wonder if the reason she couldnt sit had somthing to do with imbreeding, im sure it must mess with ones spine!

    Anyways on a good note ive met a lovely woman who is gonna give me some money for a show woo hoo!! Fingers crossed, will keep you posted.

    Anyways what im trying to say margOH! is you just need to keep at it, your luck will turn!!

    p.s im very excited to hear your duet with this mysterious Italian stallion, much more your style than the old waiter! xx


  2. Dan darling,

    I can't wait to see your show, I'm sure it will be a smash success...

    Now give me that gallery gals #...I'm in a mood to work some scrawny little shop girl over...really , now if she spoke japanese, i'd be impressed....but french...

    Yes, Inbreeding is rampant all over...but especially in Texas, I suspect the Bushes are in that sect...all of their eyes are very close together as well.

    Oh, I'll never give up...It's just when you realize how ridiculous the game is, who wants to play....thanks for the support though... I'll drink to that!!

    Oh, yes...Valerio...he is the last person on my top friends on Myspace..He is a cute boy as yourself and is oh so kind to MargOH!....Yes the duet will be fun but of course Berna sat on my computer microphone and I have to buy another one...she's so pesky..

    Nice to hear from you danny...MargOH! misses you and just wants to squeeze you!!

    Kisses, MargOH!