Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm cookin

Hey Kids,

I've been so busy writing shows and now beginning the planning stages plus i shot one of my films last month. I haven't been updating you on my life. I'll be back with some updates on poor Aunt Fawn and Sully's operation...yikes... and guess what I just found out I have a long lost relative from London. Yes, its true, her name is Agnes Channing Blatton-Grabowski....I'll fill you in very soon.

Kisses, MargOH!


  1. Anonymous4:00 AM

    MargOH!, I've just figured out this new-fangled technology to reply that I am equally suprised to discover a long lost relative over the pond. Especially one with such style and elan! Having lived in Wales some years ago, I remember catching a certain young Shirley Bassey at the local Coal Miner's Union Club, before she became a real "Big Spender", and let me tell you, I see the same glimmer of the big time in you! Regards my dear, Agnes.

  2. Oh, Thank you!!

    I take that as the highest compliment!!

    Kisses, M